Saturday Evening Keynote – P.M.H. Atwater

Friday Evening Keynote Dowser – Lindamarie Hill


We would also like to introduce the following *presenters:

Ed Annick
Alicja Aratyn
Dan Arseneau
Nancy Bodenstein
Leroy Bull
John Butler
Grant & Ray Cahill
Robert Callan
Jini Cerio
Susan Collins
Glenn Cratty
Kathryn Deputat
Diana Kelly Domingo
Robert Egby
David Franklin Farkas
Mary Farrell and Linda Fitzgerald
Hope Fitzgerald
Grahame Gardner and Elspeth Winkler
Tick Gaudreau
Althea Gray
Jeff Gregory
Wendy Halley
Alice Harwood and Elaine DeMasi
Mark Hurwich
Pat Iyer
Ellen Kamhi


Dave Kane and Riki Kretschmar
Thomas Kearns
Jarin Kenyon
Dorothy Kerzner
Roxanne Louise
Ginette Matacia Lucas and Angela Ford
Marty Lucas
Sandy McKenzie
Kathleen Miller
Aime Trent Millet
Walter Ness and Linda Clave
Debra Peterson
Gary Plapp
Lee Ann Potter and Diane Bull
Lorna Reichel
Susan Rose
Madis Senner
Aaron Singleton
Sue Singleton
Barbara Stone and Robert Alcorn, MD
Mary Swaine
John Thompson
Adhi Two Owls
Gale West
Jim Willis
Ned Wolf

*Subject to Change