Meeting of the Littleton Area Dowsers


Thursday April 12th

Time:  6 PM

at The Center for Collaborative Energies

Donation:  $5.00 per person

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Please bring a Pot Luck dish to share, serving utensils and some dowsing stories.  Feel free to invite a friend! 

This will be an interactive presentation and we urge you to bring a folding snack table on which you will work.

       Our speaker for this meeting will be:

Ms. Robin Wimbiscus

Intuitive Art Journaling 

The Energetic Light of the Universe is all around us.  This light is made up of different colors that are all vibrating at different speeds and our bodies are constantly absorbing this energy.   When our thoughts come into contact with these vibrations, our moods and feelings can change.  

What if we could learn to improve our own or someone else's well-being by simply looking at a collection of colors they have placed on a piece of paper?  Every color and its relationship with the other colors on your paper means something very specific.  Now through years of research, Robin Wimbiscus has discovered that this painted piece of paper can be used as a navigational tool to change negative thought patterns, some so deeply rooted that you may not even know that they are there; keeping you stuck, resonating with false or incomplete beliefs.

For the past ten years, Robin has had the privilege of being the visual arts teacher and art director for two therapeutic boarding schools in Vermont.  She has worked with many amazing therapists, educators, parents and children all of whomhave contributed and participated in the development of this unique therapeutic approach. 

Intuitive Art Journaling is a method of processing life through art. Using watercolors, collage and other readily available art supplies, we will begin to learn to:


Ø      Reduce stress  Ø      Quiet your mind   Ø      Understand and shift emotions   Ø      Change negative thought patterns  

Ø      Unlock questions and discover answers  Ø      Learn how and why it's important to be present  

Ø      Start to understand the past   Ø      Get comfortable trusting your intuition   Ø      Understand how to process thoughts

Ø      Understand illness and disabilities Ø      Process life traumas


Please be sure to RSVP thru Meetup.  Just click the link  & join the group!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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