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The American Society of Dowsers
It's Friday already! Our offices are closed on Saturdays and Sundays but the conversations can continue right here! Please use our wall to post events, ideas and thoughts,connect with other dowsers and like-minded people, it's why we created this page! See you all Monday, here's a #quote to kick off the Holiday weekend:
2014-04-18 19:53:56

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What Can You Do With Dowsing?


Dowsing is the ancient practice of using simple tools to interpret the answers to questions you ask.


Answer Questions

Dowsing enables you to interpret the answers to questions you pose by observing the movement of simple hand tools.
Learn about dowsing...


Find Water

Dowsers have located water for thousands of years, helping support the human need for drinking, bathing, and sanitation.
Water Dowsing...


Work With the Land

Dowsing can help you familiarize with the land you work with in farming, agriculture, labyrinth building and more.
Earth Energies...