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Thursday, 08 November 2012 13:53

If You Really Want To Find Water...

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I am a long-time dowser, but have been dowsing for well sites for 15 years. I would like to tell you why you would want to hire a dowser. The first reason is that you would save a great deal of money. Well drillers get paid by the foot and will drill most anywhere that looks good and may go down hundreds to over a thousand feet to just find a dry hole. Hiring an engineer cost thousands of dollars and you still may come up with a dry hole. The second reason is the time and anguish spent in not knowing if you will really find clean water. Many intelligent people hire a dowser before they even buy a piece of property to make sure there is clean drinking water there.

There are many dowsing stories; here is one from my personal experience. I was called to dowse a well in Newfields, NH, about 2 hours east of Keene, NH where we live. The family had contacted a prominent well drilling company which had drilled 3 times on their property, just to find a dry hole each time, even going down to a depth of 1,300 ft. Feeling desperate, and using up their financial resources, they finally contacted me.

Thursday, 08 November 2012 13:46

How We Started Our New Dowsing Chapter

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In July of 2010 my husband and I received an intra-village email from one of our neighbors, Karen Durham, announcing a three hour Basic Dowsing Class held at her home. Upon successful completion, we were immediately dowsing and becoming more aware of the metaphysical universe, spring boarding us into devouring as many books as we possibly could handle on the subject.

Thursday, 08 November 2012 13:39

Helpful Books For the Beginner Dowser

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Before Webinars, attending the 2011 and 2012 conventions and workshops presented by Raymon Mike, there are some fine books on the subject of dowsing that are more than helpful in one’s search for definition, practical application and intuitive living.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012 13:48

Dowsing to Get Rid of Bad Habits

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Editor's Note: This article was originally published on the Lotus Guide Directory for Healthy Living.

Dowsing is simply the ability to connect to a higher state of guidance—to ask questions and get answers. From a simplistic scientific perspective it is the ability to access information available through the right side of our brains. (In our Western culture most individuals operate almost exclusively through the left side of their brains). Dowsing is a tool that can aid us in expanding our abilities to use a greater proportion of our brains during which whole new possibilities become available to us. By using dowsing as a tool you can access your higher self, your inner knowing. It is a technique that can be learned to connect to your subconscious.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012 12:54

Dowsing for ADD / ADHD

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Basic Dowsing Techniques

Described by one who successfully does this for himself - on a daily basis

adapted from the work of Raymon Grace; healer, teacher, and author

It appears that an unbalanced brain is the cause of many problems for those with ADD……..

This effective exercise to balance the brain takes only one minute or less. It should be done daily, two to three times a day- by the one afflicted (or someone else on their behalf) as continuing maintenance.

  • Ask that the pendulum swing clockwise, coaxing the pendulum if it is sluggish, by swinging it clockwise yourself. (This exercise may be done out-loud or silently.)
  • Request your desire and intention for balancing the brain, using the following words…………“Please balance my brain (or name of intended); left brain to right brain, getting the blood flowing freely as it nourishes the nooks and crannies of the brain. Continue to spin clockwise until my brain (or person intended) is balanced to 100%. Spin as long as you need to, and then you may stop. Thank you”.
  • You may also ask that – Awareness, “for sharpness and clarity” be brought to 100 % at the same time. (Unawareness is a very common ADD symptom.) Adding this seems to increase the effects and enhances success for some people. This healing can be done for anyone - anywhere in the world, just by mentioning the name of the person you wish to heal.  (It’s all about intentions…and they do not need to be present.)
  • The results could be almost immediate. The ADD person may not feel any differently… although others may notice a new demeanor and daily performance improvement. To quote Thomas Edison: “What is electricity? I don’t know, but it’s there, so let’s use it.”
  • To calibrate, you may ask that the pendulum point to the percentage number that the brain is balanced at- both before and after this exercise, by drawing a simple chart- a half circle of numbers will do (from 10 to 20, to 30, etc.- to 100). The goal: to remain at 100%.

For more information, we recommend the book My Husband Has ADD and the Miraculous Discovery that Changed Our Life.
Wednesday, 23 May 2012 17:40

Focus: Getting There First

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So dowsers, readers, fans, and students of all ages (including kids), where do I start to keep you interested in the field of Dowsing? I am going to share with you, and quickly educate you on how incredible dowsing really is for everyone searching for anything, including fun. When I say fun, I am not kidding. Do you play the lottery? Do you lose things, and cannot find them? Do you bet the horses at the track? Do you hunt for buried treasures? Read on and you will truly be astounded, learning from one expert dowser, a kid dowser (whom I might mention), and the daughter of internationally famous Louis Matacia, one of the forefathers and oldest living members of the American Society of Dowsers.

Thursday, 10 February 2011 16:14

Water Dowsing

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Thursday, 10 February 2011 15:53

Dowsing for Well-Being

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