Water Dowsing

If You Really Want To Find Water...

By Carol Gader

I am a long-time dowser, but have been dowsing for well sites for 15 years. I would like to tell you why you would want to hire a dowser. The first reason is that you would save a great deal of money. Well drillers get paid by the foot and will drill most anywhere that looks good and may go down hundreds to over a thousand feet to just find a dry hole. Hiring an engineer cost thousands of dollars and you still may come up with a dry hole. The second reason is the time and anguish spent in not knowing if you will really find clean water. Many intelligent people hire a dowser before they even buy a piece of property to make sure there is clean drinking water there.

There are many dowsing stories; here is one from my personal experience. I was called to dowse a well in Newfields, NH, about 2 hours east of Keene, NH where we live. The family had contacted a prominent well drilling company which had drilled 3 times on their property, just to find a dry hole each time, even going down to a depth of 1,300 ft. Feeling desperate, and using up their financial resources, they finally contacted me.

Please refer to the following letter for the rest of the story.


Dear Carol,

My wife Leisa and I wanted to send you this note to say thank you. We found you to be very professional, personable, prompt and knowledgeable. We are so thrilled and impressed with your dowsing talents that we want your future customers to hear our story.

I must admit, being a software engineer, I was a bit skeptical at first, but you have made a true believer out of me! Thanks again Carol!

Last year my wife and I bought a lovely wooded piece of property in a mature development in Newfields, New Hampshire. We purchased the last lot in this tranquil 15 year old development of about 50 homes. We broke ground just before winter and the house began to take shape very quickly over the next few months. Just before spring our general contractor suggested we get our well in and he choose a convenient spot behind the house along the tree line. We felt confident that we could dig a well and get sufficient water for our house, just as all our neighbors have done. To that end, we had a prominent area well drilling company come in and begin the work. This would turn out to be one of four wells that this company would end up drilling on our property and the beginning of an expensive nightmare-like ordeal!

The first well attempt went to 950 feet, yielding almost no water. We were stunned. The second attempt went to over 1300 feet yielding no water whatsoever. We were now in a state of shock and disbelief. Desperation set in as we prepared for our third attempt. On our third attempt we drilled to 700 feet hitting yet again nothing but bedrock and absolutely no water! We became almost paralyzed with fear. The drilling company wanted to continue to drill deeper on the third hole. The expense of this effort was spiraling completely out of control and I was becoming an emotional train wreck. These efforts to find water and have a successful well had become a nightmare. Our home, now nearly 65% built, would be lost without water. We had to have a well that produced at least six gallons a minute to get an occupancy permit from the state. After three failed attempts I was starting to give up hope and began regretting our decision to purchase this property.

As I began to sink deeper into despair my wife struck up a conversation with her aunt who recommended that we give Carol (a professional dowser) a call. A dowser I thought? As I mentioned, I was skeptical about using a dowser. I knew nothing of dowsing and basically thought it was a kin to tarot cards and palm reading. However, after some research, and talking to Carol on the phone, I actual began to feel better about dowsing and our potential prospects of finding water.

My wife and I agreed to give the dowsing a try. We scheduled Carol to do a dowsing. Carol and her husband arrived promptly and got to work. Carol marked off three spots on our property that she said would yield water. Carol give us details on each location including depth of water, probable yield and water quality. I must admit, my wife and I were now even more perplexed and confused… Carol had “not” picked the spot that we had previously chosen as our next most likely drill attempt site! The best yielding location, according to Carol, was about 250 feet from our house in a thickly wooded area. Carol was confident… however, I began calculating aloud…”this would mean additional costs to make the attempt including clearing trees, making a service road, and digging a 250 foot, five feet deep trench back up to the house for the eventual water pipes should we hit water.” I guessed this attempt would cost an additional 5 thousand dollars not including the drilling costs.

The spot my wife and I picked previously seemed so much more convenient and inexpensive. I didn’t know what to think anymore. Yet Carol remained confident. Carol explained that the site she choose would yield all the water we would possibly need. Carol’s prediction was that the site she choose would yield 14 to 16 gallons of water a minute at a drilling depth of only about 250 feet! I think I asked everyone we know what should we do? We had already spent so much money on the other three well attempts, how could we justify spending even more than we had planned for this next attempt without some clear demonstrable evidence? We were emotionally drained and exhausted… why couldn’t this be easier?

After wrestling with just making a decision for over a week, my wife and I decided to go with Carol’s recommendation. Our general contractor, Bob, got to work clearing the trees and making a service road. A week later the drilling company arrived to drill on the spot Carol had recommended. My wife and I were both nervous wrecks….what if Carol was wrong? My stomach was churning and my hands were sweating as we awaited word from the drilling company.

My wife went out to the house to be on site while the drilling was being done. At about 11 AM we were told that they hit water, about 4 to 5 gallons at about 200 feet. Not enough… Discouraged, my wife left to go get lunch for the kids. At noon I received a call from the drilling company… they hit big! The mother load! At 280 feet they were getting well over 20 gallons a minute! So much water was gushing up that the drill rigging became swamped and they had to stop. Carol wasn’t just right, she hit the bull’s eye, a grand slam! We would have more than enough water to do what ever we wanted! I immediately called my wife and then Carol. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders! Our project had been saved!

Thank you Carol! Your skill and expertise are clear and evident on this project and I will gladly recommend your services to all who may inquire.

Kevin and Leisa Thompson
36 Bassett Lane
Newfields, NH


Carol Gader dowses for well sites, garden placements, plants, and fertilizers, ghosts or incarnates, and health and well-being. [health and well-being of the body, mind, and spirit, plus the health of the home.] She also lectures and teaches dowsing all over New England and Florida and at the National Dowsing Convention, Northeast Organic Association, and Changing World Changing Times. She is a Trustee of ASD and Chairman of the Membership Committee. She may be reached at dowser@healthierlives.net, or www.healthierlives.net, 603 357-4699 or (winter, 941-981-9478.)




Water Dowsing

By Bruce Irwin

All of your future dowsing experiences will involve Trust...and that's with a "capital T." As with your first 'signal' over a water vein from your dowsing tool, you are making a commitment to accept a higher power into your experiences, and yet it's without any physical confirmation other than your 'sixth sense,' returning through this tool!

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