Please help us fulfill David’s wishes by contributing to a better world with improved drinking water and sanitary conditions while enjoying the published work of a scholar, community leader, and a cherished member of ASD.

David Pitkin was an author, researcher, and 9th grade teacher of African and Asian Studies from the Saratoga area of New York. David first became interested in the paranormal in the 1960s, and for the next fifty years his prolific studies in the field of paranormal investigation produced a large body of work, including some of the best written records of ghosts and paranormal activity in New England and beyond.

David was a dowser and a metaphysical practitioner, first joining the American Society of Dowsers in the early 1960s. ASD is proud to recognize and honor David among our society’s earliest members. David was a reader at the Edgar Cayce Foundation and a scholar of Cayce’s work.

David’s published works include the publication of nine books, an audio CD, and countless presentations on a variety of metaphysical topics. A well-recognized figure in his community, television and international radio, David’s good nature and personal gravity lent to the pleasure of his presence for all who spent time with him, from his thousands of high school students to his family, friends, and associates.

David passed on in February 2013, leaving the inventory of his publisher, Aurora Publications. Upon his wishes, The American Society of Dowsers has accepted inventory of David’s published works for the purpose of funding clean water projects through our philanthropic outreach program, Water for Humanity.

David’s son was blessed with a marriage to an Indian-American woman and they were blessed with two children. David’s grandchildren were an important part of his life. David’s wish upon his passing was to use his life’s work as a means of providing safe and clean water for people throughout India.

ASD is happy to announce that the revenues we have received for the David Pitkin Fund have successfully funded a well in Tamil Nadu in Southern India and we are planning another well in Tamil Nadu, also being funded with money from the Pitkin Fund.

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David Pitkin Donates

  • Price: $10.00 Quantity:
    Two easy-to-make charts show the reader how to access information mythically used by the soul in making the choices for this life. Spiritual Numerology is a unique, intuited numerological analysis developed and used by David J. Pitkin (David James) for the last 25 years in counseling those seeking the courage to live a unique and spiritual life. Most people today just exist; this book is aimed at helping individuals live life fully, in accord with the soul's purposes for this incarnation. Unique spiritual symbols illustrate the book, which draws on the wisdom of all the world's great religions. It shows the path to living a spiritual (if not necessarily religious) life..
  • Price: $15.00 Quantity:
    All that State Police Sr. Investigator Dennis Girard wants to do is solve a smuggling case and then retire from a career that has recently been lackluster. Instead, he is killed by his quarry, and enters the world of near-death experiences. Eventually returned to duty, he must cope with visions, voices and spiritual experiences. Suddenly, the end of his career in 2008 is filled with a desperate attempt to catch devious strangers who, it appears, want to kill former President George H.W. Bush. Two explosive endings to a tale that spans Quebec and the northeastern U.S. A strong spiritual undercurrent.
  • Price: $15.00 Quantity:
    In a 71-minute CD, researcher/author David Pitkin narrates twelve mysterious ghost stories from the Adirondack Mountain area. Some tales are folklore of long standing, and others were personally investigated by the narrator, a retired history teacher. All proceeds of this purchase go to fund clean water projects in India through ASD's philanthropic outreach program, Water for Humanity! See below for more information.
  • Price: $20.00 Quantity:
    Finally, a book that surpasses the traditional fright genre of ghost stories. The author aims to get the reader's intellectual juices flowing, stimulating deep insight into each haunt's unique circumstances. Gone are traditional, simplistic images of malefic evil-bent shades, as the author esteems a new generation of intelligent seekers after deeper spiritual truth. Thanks to Pitkin's diverse metaphysical background, you gain enlightenment on many ghosts' unresolved spiritual struggles, which may also be your own. With the aid of talented psychics, he probes the lives of many of those in the Shadowland, often discovering the links holding these entities in Earth-attachment. A historian, he provides easily understood backgrounds of these individuals' lives and times. Ghostly phenomena are presented in spiritual terms, providing a dynamic understanding of those not yet at peace. Most of these stories have never before been published.
  • Price: $25.00 Quantity:
    Here are 135 researched ghost stories that you have never heard before. Historian, investigator and storyteller David J. Pitkin spent 9 years interviewing across New England to present these tales of returned relatives, store ghosts, campus ghosts, spirits in old hotels and inns, and modern restaurants--and, of course, haunted residences. Aiming not to scare you, but to draw you into profound thinking about the life that continues after your body dies, he continues in his role of teacher. We must all pass through the state of being a ghost, he tells us. See whether or not you think he makes his case. Accompanied by 75 photos, his eighth book demonstrates how common are the appearances and antics of the departed, who have been experienced by the living for thousands of years. He often discovers who these unique personalities are and why they remain among us when something better still awaits them. Not that many of them are to be feared, as they are just continuing what they struggled with in life.
  • Price: $40.00 Quantity:
    Volume 1 - From the Adirondacks to the Catskills, from The Big Apple to the orchards on Lake Ontario's shores, from the Allegheny Plateau to the Tug Hill Plateau to the Helderbergs, and from Lake Champlain to Cassadaga Lake to Canandaigua Lake, ghosts exist. They always have, as long as human beings hunted, fought, farmed, worked and lived in the region now called New York State. David J. Pitkin, historian and ghost researcher, shares 120 true modern ghost stories garnered from all parts of NY State. Most of these have never before been published and should be enjoyable, if a bit scary, to lovers of history and mystery. Volume 2 - Pitkin's second book of ghost stories from the Empire State is illustrated with photos. Again, as in previous ghost books, he doesn't aim for a scream response to the mysterious circumstances in which many people live and work. Instead, his motto is "Enlighten, Don't Frighten." These are non-fictional and researched stories, as much history as mystery.
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