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The American Society of Dowsers


The 2013 National Convention

Dowsing the Golden Age

June 5 to 10, 2013

Lyndon State College • Lyndonville, Vermont



Dowsing Schools

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Basic SchoolAdvanced School • Water Dowsing Course


Basic Dowsing School
Level 100


This two-day, hands-on beginners workshop will cover all aspects of dowsing:  what is it; how does it work; the ethics of dowsing, and the many levels of dowsing including on-site, distance, map dowsing, deviceless dowsing, and making changes.  Each participant will be provided with a basic kit of tools and the Basic Dowsing Instructional Manual.  You will experience using L-rods, Y-rods, Pendulums, and bobbers to practice and learn water dowsing,  informational dowsing, chart dowsing,  and dowsing for missing objects, and more.  Students will experience many techniques and ideas from the instructors and other master dowsers who volunteer their time to work new dowsers.

The ASD Basic Dowsing School is a unique and engrossing experience that brings hundreds of years of combined dowsing experience into the classroom. It is a well-constructed balance of learning and practicing over the course of two days. Basic Dowsing School is a life-changing experience for all who attend It is highly recommended for anyone interested in learning to dowse, as well as experienced dowsers who want to solidify their knowledge and bring structure and discipline to improve their dowsing techniques.

Joan Reid

Joan Reid, CHT, is a life member of The American Society of Dowsers, Inc. as well as an artist, teacher and energy worker. She has been an integral part of the ASD Basic School for many years as both the instructor and director.  Joan has been part of ASD for over 20 years.  As a public school art teacher, she has made her students aware of dowsing and energy work.  Joan is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and a Hawaiian Energetics practitioner and Hawaiian Cranial Sacral worker.  Joan maintains an office seeing clients and teaching classes in meditation, dream work, art therapy and connecting your inner voice through art.  She builds labyrinths,  is a speaker for fibromyalgia groups, and is a active beekeeper living in northern New York.

Click Here to register for Basic Dowsing School


Advanced Dowsing School
Level 300 to 400
with Steven Herbert


The Advanced Dowsing School will follow Terry Ross's Seven Levels of the development of the dowser and offer advice for each stage of progression. Following a very brief review of basic dowsing, advanced topics will include dowsing theory, programming, increasing accuracy and tips on all aspects of the dowsing quest or search. The focus will be on water dowsing and will include a field demonstration. We will then extend out to earth energies, auras and agricultural dowsing, etc., as time permits. Please bring your own dowsing tools for this advanced workshop.

Steven Herbert

Steve Herbert has worked in the fields of welding & steel fabrication, mineral & oil exploration and international development. He holds a B.S. degree in Geology and an M.A. in Anthropology, as well as certifications as a Master Gardener, Master Composter and in Urban & Community Forestry. He has been a dowser since 1985 and since 1997 has served as Secretary of the ASD Water for Humanity Fund. From 1992 to 1994 he served in the US Peace Corps in Senegal, West Africa, as an Agroforestry Extension Agent. While there, he conducted side projects dowsing water wells all over Senegal and designing and building composting latrines.  After Hurricane Mitch,  Steve went to Honduras  to train dowsers and dowse well sites for environmental refugees. Since then he has made a total of ten trips to Central and South America and the Caribbean to train rural farmers in dowsing, drilling and other aspects of water resources development. He offers his services domestically in the dowsing of water and geopathic energies and is currently working on a book about agricultural dowsing. He has been teaching ASD's Advanced Dowsing School since 2007.

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Water Dowsing Course
Level 100 to 300
with ASD's Best Water Dowsers Instructing


The ASD Water Dowsing Course is a two day instructional course focusing on all aspects of water dowsing. You will learn about water dowsing in the classroom and practice it in the field.

To ensure the highest quality instruction available, the Water Dowsing Course is taught by some of ASD's best water dowsers. Their combined experience adds up to the successful location and development of thousands of productive water wells.

ASD's water dowsers have located water across the country and around the world in a wide variety of locations for both residential and commercial purposes. The extensive experience of our instructors gives you the opportunity to learn about all aspects of water dowsing, including the important details that only experienced water dowsers can provide.

In this extensive two day course you will learn everything about dowsing for water

            • Asking important water dowsing questions
            • Working with different ground compositions
            • Identifying the best well site on the property
            • Working with city & state zoning and flow requirements
            • Working with clients and drillers
            • Troubleshooting and well maintenance

The Water Dowsing Course is for everyone interested in water dowsing - dowsers, farmers, landowners, developers, geologists, drillers, preppers, and anyone interested in learning more about the timeless practice of finding clean, potable water for their needs.

You will learn much more than simply how to dowse for water - learn about how water behaves underground, how to avoid complications with digging and drilling, how to save money, negotiate with municipalities and lenders, and much more

Taught by several of ASD's best water dowsers, you will learn from the best in the business - people with a standing track record of locating viable locations for placing wells that produce clean, potable, yearlong water.


Please note: we recommend at least a minimum amount of experirence with dowsing to take this course.

Click Here to register for the Water Dowsing Course


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