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I am from Maine and live in Cancun, Mexico. I have been dowsing successfully for over 40 years. I moved to Mexico four years ago and was hoping to continue my gift of dowsing down here. Trying to find a dowsing society in Mexico but no such luck. I will travel anywhere at someone’s expense. Also do map dowsing to locate anything

I am looking for someone who does dowsing for water. I got a well drilled to 800ft and only 1gpm. Please help
Thanks Barron Burch

I am energy healer, teacher and intuitive consultant. I’m passionate about Dowsing! When I learned it in 2004, my life improved and changed dramatically. Suddenly I had a direct path to my intuition and left-brain system to access this sometimes nebulous right brain answers. I dowse for business leaders, moms, children and others who want and need clear, accurate, reliable specific guidance into
issues related to money, business, relationships, nutrition and education just to name a few. I also love to teach spiritual dowsing to others – one my greatest joys is sharing this relatively simple yet complex art to those who resonate with the art. I actually taught my 78 year-old scientist father pendulum in about 30 minutes. He was impressed! At his own abilities and how is easy dowsing can be.

Thru dowsing, we access and read the life patterns, energy functions and emotional states of people, situations, groups, nature, homes and events. I incorporate dowsing into my work energy healing work with clients to identify what needs the most attention and the results are quick and accurate!

I have a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in English and Psychology from the University of Kentucky and hold a certification in human resources, SPHR – currently one of the most respected certifications the field of HR).

Jay Kruizenga is a Michigan-based genealogist and a proficient grave dowser. His searches have discovered many unmarked graves, buried headstones, and more. See website at for greater details.

I learned dowsing from my father in 2003. He’d been doing it for as long as I remember and he taught me to find the area on my property to drill a well after a previous fail by the well drilling company.