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ASD Members Seeking other Dowsers - This is a members only service!

One of the most common requests we receive is from ASD Members seeking to find other like-minded people in their area. Sometimes this is because there are no local ASD Chapters and the ASD Member would like to form a chapter or at least find someone to share the dowsing experience with.

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Name (optional) City, State of the area of Interest Other Pertinent Information Contact Information (Phone #, email, etc.) Date Posted Post Ref Number
  Eastern Shore of MD and Southern Delaware It would be nice to have others to talk about dowsing with and share stories. I've been talking about it in my workplace and will be showing the clinical team at the hospital where I work basics of pendulum use in April, hoping to generate interest and a dowsing peer group. NancyStewart@

3/19/2010 1001
Mary Wood Middle Tennessee area close to Nashville Newbie wants to meet other dowsers in Middle Tennessee area close to Nashville. I would like to find or start a chapter. Would love to meet someone to learn more about dowsing. 615-893-8535

3/20/2010 1002
Jan Dunn Calgary, Alberta, Canada I'm interested in talking to anyone, anywhere.
3/20/2010 1003
J. Robert Barnes Miami Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers 221 North Krome Ave. Homestead, Fl. 33030 We are always open to new members, we meet at 8500 S.W. 180th Street Palmetto Bay Florida 33156
3/20/2010 1004
John Meloney Port Charlotte or Punta Gorda, Florida Would like to meet other dowsers to chat with and exchange information. Send email here and it wil be forwarded 3/20/2010 1005
Kay Whitefield Central New Jersey, (New Brunswick area) I would like to generate interest in a dowsing group in this area and would like to share dowsing practices I have used over the years.. (I'm an artist/architect) I have taught at the convention dowsing school and presented at ASD conferences in Lyndonville. I'm interested in dowsing earth energies, "over the horizon" map dowsing, dowsing for health and well-being, Identifying nature spirits and high energy/conscious areas in the landscape. kaywhitefield@

cell: 978-771-9946
3/20/2010 1006
Peggy Olsen Kansas City area (Missouri or Kansas side); east to Warrensburg, MO; south to Clinton, MO I want to learn more about dowsing. I live south of the metro area in Cass County, Missouri. I am willing to meet one on one. Or is there is interest in starting a chapter?
3/24/2010 1007
Marylou Clairmont ??????????????? I would like to conect with dowsers who are also astrologers, and share dowsing ideas about earth changes and strategies to be moving to one's safest, most inspiring palce and space. Any and all insights into map dowsing, feng shui, locations of conscious lightworker communites, nature spirits, and more. natphotog228@

4/23/2010 1008

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